Affirmation and Inspiration

The Good Life

One of my hats is social media maven (kidding...kidding...), which means I get to waste spend time on the internet. And when I saw this video, I knew I needed to draw your attention to it, because it covers, in its own way, all four of Creator's core topics. So take 4 minutes and watch (there's no sales pitch anywhere in this), and then you might want to written down your own answer to the question.

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5 Replies to “Affirmation and Inspiration”

  1. Doug Albertson says:

    My initial reaction is delight. What a great question, and the responses were rich & inspiring. Thank you for starting off my Friday with such a good feeling!


    Wonderful way to start a day – just listening to another person’s thoughts – this was
    special. For me the good life is being myself, being happy with the many blessings
    I receive each day and the opportunity to share my faith with others.

  3. VickiCarr says:

    Nice variety of answers, all worthy of consideration. As a Christian, I KNOW that a happy life, a good life, the best life is one lived in connection with God, and in doing what He put me here to do. I have had other times of happiness – spasmodically – engaged in activities that I knew were not God-directed, but they were short-lived and often ended badly, with a sense of wasted time. Living a God-directed life may flow through changes of location or endeavor, but there is never a sense of waste – only a sense of continuation and hope.

  4. Living intentionally & being present in every moment, aware that God is in every moment and every aspect of my life. Trying to stay at His feet, hearing His voice and heartbeat, living the life He created me for.

  5. Knowing that I am using the gifts that God has given to me to bring glory to Him. That is living the good life.

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