Resources For Church Musicians

In this particular case, “Creator” stands for the magazine that became a media company.

Creator, the magazine, was founded by Marshall Sanders (no relation, but an interesting coincidence) in 1978. It was the first independent magazine devoted solely to church choirs and choral music in American history. Over the course of nearly 40 years of print publications there were other firsts, like the first listing of church music publishers, which eventually became the comprehensive Church Music Directory of “all things church music.”

Creator was an early presence on the internet as well, with the first version of the website appearing in 1997. Shortly thereafter, I became the owner and publisher.

In the first decade of this century, Creator worked with noted church musician Bob Burroughs to begin distribution of what was then called Monday Morning Email. The morning emails grew from monthly to eventually be 5 days each week, reaching almost 30,000 church musicians and worship leaders around the world. The morning emails became, in essence, a daily magazine, providing a new article each day.


The Choir in Modern Worship eBook


7 Steps to a Perfect Music Ministry Budget eBook

Creator also published a number of other resources including the famous (and the original) Living Last Supper drama script, as well as several eBooks, all of which are also still available.

Living Last Supper Script

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111 Tips to Survive Pastoral Ministry eBook