Dreaming While You Sleep

We're in January, so I don't have to justify quoting Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I have a dream." Or, probably, Phil Collins either.

But I wonder...how many of us have lost our dream in the pressing obligations of ministry? Or life?

As your church's resident creative, I believe you have an obligation to dream. I think you have a prudent responsibility to listen to feedback about your dreams, but the act of dreaming pushes at the perimeters of whatever box in which an institution finds itself. And, just sometimes, breaks through.

Without any sense of bragging or complaining, I can say that my schedule is crazy. But I've made one small change in the past few months that has made a tremendous difference in my productivity, my outlook on life, and my anxiety level about what isn't getting accomplished. I spend Fridays working "on" Creator, not "in" Creator.

The difference is significant. I minimize distractions and spend a lot of time thinking. Mostly on big picture things, but also about how to manage the workflow better. Yes...I "schedule" time to sit and do nothing but think. I have come to value that time because the results are not only unexpected, but predictably helpful. Try it...you'll be surprised.

Do you have a "big picture" discipline in your schedule?

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