Embracing the Unexpected…

Ever had to change your plans? You probably might put that question into the same category as one that asks "do you breathe often?" The ability to connect the dots and make/embrace a change is a special gift...I frequently experienced the joy of the change moment in another lifetime when I was playing a lot of jazz.

Change is most often a reactionary outcome. Sometimes it is reflexive, and every once in a while it is proactive as you get a glimpse of insight about the future that is through an open door. But change is often very hard, which is why people can fall into bad habits and not be able to modify their behavior.
Recently I encountered something called the Change Quotient, which is defined by advocates as the awareness of one's own Change Leader Style, and the ability to adapt one's style to be optimally effective in leading change across a variety of people and situations. Here's a link to an article that explains some of the concepts, if you are interested.

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