Rehearse As If Somebody Is Watching

Being Totally Focused

I noticed something again at my last rehearsal. We had a new choir member come to rehearsal, and my rehearsal technique was much more focused.

Part of that is the time of the year, when there is a lot to be prepared, and there isn't time to waste, but I've been aware of a pattern for some time: if there is somebody "new" at a rehearsal (or somebody watching from the back of the room) I tend to be more intentional about everything...I say everything... It is as if the energy level gets turned up several notches.

Here's the interesting thing. My singers always rise to the challenge. This is an observable response from years of having this happen in different parts of the continent, with both amateur and professional musicians. At the end of these kinds of rehearsals, everyone's tongue is (metaphorically) hanging out, but everybody knows how much work has been done to make things better, and can feel the sense of accomplishment at the results.

For me it works every time. Now I just have to remember to rehearse like that every week, and imagine what we could accomplish...

Had any experiences with hyper focus in rehearsal? Leave them in the comments...

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2 Replies to “Rehearse As If Somebody Is Watching”

  1. Robby Head says:

    I’ve noticed that as well and it applies not only to me as director, but to choir members as well. Occasionally, I will mount my cell phone and film a short segment of our rehearsal and that has the same effect, maybe more so!

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