Routine Maintenance

I know some of you are still "on vacation" this holiday season (as one of my facebook friends said "as much as a church musician can be, since I also am ordering music for Easter"). For those who are, I hope you are enjoying it, no matter how you are spending it.

I tend to work on my "holiday" vacations as well...but not the way you might think. We tend to spend holidays with family, but it always seems that we do "house fix up" stuff around the holidays too. This year has been no exception, as I now think I'm qualified to be a professional blind installer, having redone the window treatments in most of the house.

That kind of "routine maintenance" is something I think of as a necessary evil. It's that way in ministry and leadership too... Reaping and sowing, you know...sometimes you're just slogging, and then all of a sudden you realize your work has made an incredible difference. The trick, I think, is to look up from your work every once in a while so that you can actually see what you've accomplished.

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