Trust and Obey

Into every leader's life, it seems, a little obey must fall. While, for a church music professional, it can come from a congregation member, the marching orders are primarily given by someone higher up the pay grade food chain...and most often that is the Senior Pastor.

I believe that a lot of how you "obey" depends upon trust. With a good trust relationship, obey feels more like "we're in this together." In a deteriorating one, it feels more like "or else..."

Either way, as Wayne Dyer reminded us oh so many years ago, there is that moment between the message and how you choose to respond. Controlling the knee-jerk is prudent in the trust and obey scenario, but alas, it is not easy to do. This week, I encourage you to spend a little time thinking of what your obey response might be in any conceivable scenario. Planning ahead might come in handy some day...

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