Are You Curious?

I spend time on the internet. (Doesn’t everybody?) In fact you wouldn’t be reading this unless you found your way here (wait for it…) on the internet. I come by being a curator honestly, because I’m naturally curious, and I look at the internet as a place to wander down rabbit holes because of my curiosity.

Over the years, on an ad hoc basis, I’ve sent “look what I found that you might be interested in” emails to a small group of my friends and family. I used the blind copy method because I respected their privacy, and everyone else’s to whom I was sending the emails.

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At a certain point, I realized two things: that I was sending a potentially uncomfortable number of emails to people, and that other people were sending me their “look what I found” good stuff too.

Getting stuff from other people was great, but sending more emails seemed to me to tread on being intrusive.

So I decided to only send out one of these emails per month, arbitrarily on the 29th, except for February in non US presidential election years.

To make MY life easier, I created Verns Liste. (Yes I know that e at the end looks weird, but explaining why is complicated by the internet…sigh…)

Since I use Mail Chimp to send the emails now, if you are interested in getting my Vern’s Liste emails you’ll need to opt in to the Mail Chimp process. FYI, Mail Chimp requires an “unsubscribe” process in every email, so if you ever don’t want my emails, you can opt out at any time.

Once you are a part of the Vern’s Liste community, there will be a way for you to send me stuff (“off liste”) that you think might be interesting to the other people on the liste. I don’t guarantee what you send will make the liste, but I personally will be interested in what you find interesting and pass it along to the liste if it seems appropriate.

Here’s what Vern’s Liste is not going to do…

I’m not going to send you “viral” things that you probably will have already seen. I’m not going to promote products.

What I am hoping to do is find off the beaten track things that are interesting. For instance, I recently bought a book for my daughter called Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis who is a Canadian author. I thought it was a great book for a lot of reasons, and while it is an “easy read” it has a great deal of substance to it. I doubt you’ve heard of it, because I hadn’t…I found it in my neighborhood little library.

Finally, because I send the emails on the 29th, there’ll be no more than 29 items…ever…and I fully expect it to be around 10 most of the time. It depends upon whether everybody sends me stuff or not.

So there it is. I hope you’ll join me on Vern’s Liste. Just use the form below.

Until the 29th…

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