Why I Like Doing This

Today I spent a bunch of time uploading Select 20 Anthem reviews to the website. You can see today's featured anthem here, but the process reminded me of one of the "perks" of my role as publisher of Creator: looking at new music.

My congregation has gotten used to me reading through new keyboard music on Sunday mornings. It is interesting to catalog my own reaction, and then see how many people comment on what I've been playing...good, bad, or indifferent.

The same thing goes for new choir music. My choir (or at least most of them) gets a kick out of watching the new packages of anthems that I've ordered arrive in the choir room (yes, I pay for our choir music, and we don't break the law by photocopying). You see, I get to see the new releases (more or less 3500 of them every year) almost before anyone else in the country. My pastor and congregation take somewhat for granted that we will be doing music that fits "perfectly" with the rest of the service each week, and I tell them that it's because of what I do.

So remember...if/when you need to look for some good music, we can help you find it. Our reviews are here. Don't have an unlimited budget? This article: Music Ministry Excellence on a Small Budget can help.

Today's Article

Today's article is another Select 20 anthem review. This week's music is a anthem entitled My Savior by James Koerts. It would serve well in any service with the themes of confidence, hope, or commitment. We highly recommend it. Click the link below to read all the details, including how we rated it.            Read More


P.S. My librarian is a trooper! (thanks Joy!) Don't forget to tell yours how much you appreciate him or hre every chance you get......